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Wednesday 13 December 2017
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Croi, The West of Ireland Cardiology Foundation

Croí is a registered Irish heart charity, funded entirely by voluntary contributions. Since it’s inception in 1985, public support has been outstanding and several million euro has been raised.

Our Mission is to reduce the impact of cardiovascular disease on families living in the West of Ireland.
Our Aim is to play a leading role in ensuring that the people of the West of Ireland receive the highest attainable level of cardiovascular healthcare, based on the best international standards.

Croí pursues this aim by supporting and developing initiatives across all areas of cardiac care, including in-hospital patient care, interventional cardiology, heart failure and other specialised clinics, cardiac surgery, patient care in the community, family support, disease prevention, community education and cardiovascular research.

Our current Strategy is community-focused, where we contribute to the fight against heart disease through innovative community approaches to education, health promotion, research and the development of cardiac services and facilities.

We will do this by funding & supporting…

♥ Community Health Promotion & Education Initatives
♥ Community Cardiac Rehabilitation –“Croí Cardiac Club Support Network”
♥ Cardiovascular Disease Prevention-'Croi MyAction' & “'Heart Smart' Programme”
♥ CPR Training & Public/Community Access Defibrillation - Croí 'Lifeline' Project
♥ Research
♥ Professional Education
♥ Patient Resource Materials
♥ Training Bursaries
♥ Cardiac Ambulance Development
♥ Hospital Cardiology Development
♥ The Cardiac Surgical Centre for the West of Ireland at University Hospital, Galway

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