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Wednesday 13 December 2017
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Distinct Consulting

Distinct is a Management Consultancy and Managed Services organisation that helps clients achieve growth and manage cost. We work with companies to extract the maximum value from their greatest asset i.e. their customers. Distinct works with clients to develop creative strategies and to design and execute business improvement programmes. We use the Six Sigma methodology to diagnose the critical components of growth opportunity and to implement change to deliver results. Distinct also offers the unique Business Intelligence Services which analyses client data to develop targeted offerings for profitable customer segments.
Distinct is a dynamic, customer-focused company, and an innovative leader in its field. Serving a host of prestigious national and multinational clients, our employees enjoy plenty of opportunity for professional growth, working alongside experts who share their 

If you have something unique to offer, are excited by business and passionate about problem solving, Distinct could be for you. With a strong academic background, a clear analytical mind and a thirst for knowledge that is matched by your ability to consume it, you'll relish the prospect of working with the best of the best in Irish business and generating strategies to make them even better.

It's a dynamic, challenging environment, but one in which the right people can truly thrive.

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