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Wednesday 13 December 2017
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The Waiting Room Magazine


Company Description and History: The idea of a magazine designed specifically for waiting patients was first mooted by a medical professional in general practice and a professional writer. During the development phase, a top graphic artist with a long career in magazine design was added to the team.  The first two issues (August and November ’09) met and exceeded their distribution targets and the magazine is now available in nearly all GP waiting areas and in over 30 of the nation’s hospitals.


Company Future: Expansion into remaining health facilities, dental surgeries, and into Northern Ireland are planned for the near future and the magazine wishes to add to its sales staff for this added push.


Product Description:

  • The Waiting Room is a quality magazine that is distributed free and in quantity, nationwide, to GPs’ waiting rooms and hospitals. 
  • The Waiting Room is a compilation of features, articles, puzzles and quizzes, designed to appeal to the widest possible audience, to readers of all ages and all interests.
  • The Waiting Room is the ideal vehicle for health-sector organisations, private and public, to target, with surgical precision, c 85,000 extremely health-conscious patients who visit GP clinics and hospitals every day in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Later issues will extend into dentists’ surgeries, consultants’ rooms, etc. and into Northern Ireland;
  • The Waiting Room is the first and only such magazine.
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