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Wednesday 13 December 2017
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One Touch Automation

One Touch Automation is, a unique new company set up to deliver the newest wireless technology to any home, business, factory or office regardless of budget or design. Its value for money and top quality service ensures that customer’s different needs can be met through individual, tailor-made plans for each client.

 Established in 2008, One Touch Automation uses the latest in mobile phone technology combined with a personal secure web page for each home or business as the “brain centre” of the automated home or business. One Touch Automation allows customers to remotely control the electrical devices of their premises from anywhere worldwide, through the use of its innovative web-based application. Using this system, home or business owners can control with “One Touch" a wide range of functions, including surveillance, lighting, audio, heating, energy saving and much more!

One Touch Automation’s innovative use of wireless technology enables this unique system to be retrofitted into existing buildings or installed in new constructions. In today’s economic environment, this is welcome news to home or business owners who would like to upgrade existing domestic residences or commercial offices."

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